Adonx – Moving On

Award Winner

Nominated on:Best Music Video

Film Info

Film Year: 2022

Film Duration: 3 min

Country: Czech Republic

Language: English


Jiří Horenský

Film Category

Loners, losers, queers and ‘toxic cowboy blues’ in first music video of ADONXS ‘Moving on’ is an Ancient Greek tragedy full of cowboys, truckers and loners taking place in roadside ‘truck stop’ or ‘rodeo club’. This environment – overflowing with borderline toxic masculine symbolism and iconography – is serving a purpose of becoming stage for ‘artist’sself liberation and rebirth. Without previous intentions of creating any sort of social critique or commentary, the video subsequently became study of ‘male gaze- the cornerstone and centerpiece of toxically masculine culture. It is a very powerful and important motive which tells a lot without saying anything. We discovered and realized that the simple ‘stare’ – in spite of its original purpose to ‘intimidate- carries so many emotions – anger, pain, loneliness, desire, vulnerability, etc. But what became most interesting for me was how undefined and mixed up these emotions are. I could feel the mixture of full spectrum of suppressed emotions in typically masculine – aggressive yet fragile – ‘stare down’.