Before I Forget

Award Winner

Nominated on:Best Feature Film

Film Info

Film Year: 2017

Film Duration: 95 min

Country: Brazil

Language: Portuguese


Tiago Arakilian

Film Category

At 80 years old, Polidoro decides to demolish the stability of its comfortable life as a retired judge and becomes businesses partner in a strip-tease club. These dark desires astonish his family. Beatriz, his daughter, decides to officially interdict in court, claiming that her father is loosing its mental health. Subpoenaed to testify, his son Paulo declares himself incapable to give an opinion because he hasnt been in touch with his father for years. The judge sentences both father and son to spend time with each other for some time and, then, he would ask Paulo what he thinks of his fathers health. In the unusual setting of the strip-club, both of them will have their lives turned as, after a long time, they will put differences aside and get together.