Chewing Gum

Film Info

Film Year: 2018

Film Duration: 20 min

Country: Brazil


Philippe Noguchi

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Irene is one of the exiles of a fantastic island populated by young people of curious eating habits, whose only connection with the world outside is a boat of supplies. An unexpected event makes her the protagonist of a strange collective catharsis in the quiet village market. Human rights and democracy are threatened in Brazil. The rise of an extreme right-wing president has legitimated – for the first time since the Military Dictatorship – speeches of deep and violent intolerance: ideological, religious, sexual, racial. The plot of Chiclete suggests a dystopian universe, where misfits of a conservative regime are exiled on an island to treat themselves – as if they were sick. Exiles contaminated by the so-called “Fever should follow rules of conduct and compulsively consume food-based remedies, which act as antidotes to their innermost desires. The short film addresses serious issues with a fantastic, ironic and intentionally anachronistic look, highlighting the cyclical character with which such violent leaders continue to mark Brazilian history. The film is a reflection on the legitimacy and beauty of human desire and also a manifesto of struggle against the many hate speeches that reverberate in Brazil, one of the countries in the world where the LGBTQ+ and Black population is murdered the most.