Dark Radiance

Award Winner

Screening Selection

Nominated on:Best Experimental

Film Info

Film Year: 2022

Film Duration: 16 min

Country: Denmark

Language: Danish


Rikke Benborg

Film Category

“Dark Radiance”, a deep meditation on optical and sonic phenomena, is an experimental music- film/documentation, shot on 8mm celluloid film. The percussionist Ying-Hsueh Chen improvises on a Tam-tam, a bass drum, 3 cymbals, and a metal plate with unconventional technique. By rubbing, turning, scratching with just a few instruments, a rich yet eerie world of overtones comes alive, intertwined with noises and undefined rhythms. With perpetually irregular shifts of perspectives, we enter a realm where polarities are melted together: the abyss with glare, the shadow with glow, the primordial with elegance, the angst with serenity, the brutal with delicacy, the eternal with mortality.

One hears the burning coldness.
One sees the vintage avant-garde.
One enters the underworld of brightness. A film of “Dark Radiance”.