Mist of Guilt

Film Info

Film Year: 2018

Film Duration: 70 min

Country: Mexico

Language: Spanish


Francisco Laresgoiti

Film Category

Yolanda travels from her poor town in Michoac√°n to chaotic Mexico City to take care of a newborn baby, defying Juan her alcoholic and controlling husband. Amanda, a wealthy spoiled woman, calls her former babysitter to sit in for the job. Yolanda accepts the challenge, although she lacks the essential tools to succeed: reading and writing. Amanda and Hans, her husband, take a long trip, leaving Yolanda and the baby adrift. Confusion in the city and illegible symbols haunt Amanda task by task. Lies and miscommunication combined with Juans continuous drinking only worsens things. These circumstances lead to the sickness and death of the baby. Yolanda tries to hide this tragic event by burying the child near her hometown and kidnapping another baby. Back in Mexico City the tension scales as Juans plan fails completely, leaving Yolanda stranded and pursued, her destination: prison. Juan hangs himself after being unable to manage the situation. While in prison, Yolanda learns to read and write. The story contrasts the citys brutality with the beauty of a calm countryside: an empty lake at dawn, a picturesque ravine at dusk and a traditional town festivity. The film brings back the essence of Mexicos Golden Age of Cinema combined with a surrealistic approach in many of its countryside scenes. The film points out the consequences of lying, abuse of confidence and lack of self-esteem: a dramatic representation that pursues a modest illiterate woman.