Nominated on:Best Producer

Film Info

Film Year: 2020

Film Duration: 20 min

Country: Hungary

Language: Hungarian


Gergő Simon

Film Category

The story takes place in Lyukóvölgy. Our protagonist is a man in his 50’s, he supports his family from labour service. There are no concrete roads in the neighborhood, nor change of clothes, so the family must wash their complete wardrobe every 2-3 days because of the mud on the streets. The man initially does his job with laconic tolerance, carries water, and raises his children. One time, however, he comes up with a strange idea: he could break into the garage of an elderly couple. He goes to work, carries the water, finds more and more desperate and more and more savage plans, during which he no longer shy away from the thought of violence. He gets scammed with money in public works, they have to buy new shoes for his boy, has less and less money and has to carry water again and again. As the internal tension grows, murder is already in his head. In the end, he decides to do it. But before he sets off for the burglary, all of a sudden his wife enters and asks him to bring water again because she has to wash. The man completely loses his mind. From here on, you don’t see what’s really going on. You hear the roar, the flutter, the scattering of earth, and then the flames. The woman comes home, finds the man in the house and asks: Did you bring water? The man replies: There is no water, but dont worry, we dont have any laundry anymore. Turns out he didn’t break into the house after all, but rather tore and set fire to all their clothes.