Under The Umbrella

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Film Year: 2023

Film Duration: 16 min

Country: United States


Mario Oros

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As we take a look into street vendors’ lives we hear from multiple entrepreneurs about the business, and the struggles they go through as they continue to work and hope for better vending conditions. Street food is not just a pretty umbrella or side stop attraction for locals and tourists. Under the Umbrella looks into the lives of two different street vendors to hear their stories. What is it that drives these workers to sell their food on the streets and what kind of struggles do they face on a daily basis? There is nothing that will stop the driving force behind them as they continue to work for their families and livelihoods as they take on racism, taxes, permit regulations, gangs, and even street vending politics within their own communities. Follow along as these individuals tell their perspectives and we learn what it is that goes into the delicious food we often take for granted and what we might be able to do to support our local vendors.