Prague Film Awards 2023 – Special Edition

Celebrating its return to the cinema halls, Prague Film Awards 2023 comes to the fairytale capital of the Czech Republic with a special edition. This year’s Festival will take place on the  27 & 28 January 2023 in the hip Kino Aero movie theatre. 

Over two days with three screening blocks each, the 4th Prague Film Awards aims to become a connecting platform for cinephiles that have missed the cosy cinema halls.

“It feels amazing to be back in the cinemas after two challenging years. Therefore, we want to make this year’s Festival a celebration of independent filmmaking and the art of cinema-going”, said the Head of Programming, Apostolia Katsiandridou. 

Prague Film Awards 2023 programme features several categories including animation, music video, fiction film and documentary screening 35 shorts in total. Addressing themes that span the social, cultural and political spectrum, this year’s selection aims to spark conversations and demonstrate the power of independent cinema. 

Groundbreaking, emotional and with fresh artistic takes, this year’s official selection spotlights independent filmmakers across 25 countries of all ages and backgrounds. The captivating stop-motion animated thriller “Roadkill” by the much-promising emerging filmmaker Leszek Mozga,  the Israelinian Dana Gelman’s “Backwards” which artistically encapsulates the refugee crisis into a single night and the comedy “Wings of the Spirit” are some of this year’s nominated films.  In the animated film category, compete among others Sergio Kotsovoulos’ multi-awarded animation “Echo” and the touching “The Best Grandfather in the World” by Nina Bisyarina which talks about the acceptance of homosexuality by the family.

Prague Film Awards takes place in the beloved Kino Aero, a venue that completely encompasses the Festival’s style and vision promoting open cinema for all. 

An Awards Ceremony & Networking Event will follow after the screenings end. 

Find the complete film line-up detailed below. For more updates follow @Prague Film Awards and #PFA23 on Instagram and Facebook.

Screening Programme

DAY 1:

Short Film Programme 1: 17.30 – 19.00

Cohabitantes, 5′ Pablo León Olea, Spain, Best Comedy

Dieorama, 10′ Kevin Staake, United States, Best Short Documentary

Jerry, 24′ Roman Przylipiak, Poland, Best Short Film

You, 4′ Timon Birkhofer, Germany, Best Music Video

The Moon’s Not That Great, 8′ Mathieu Libman, United States, Best Animation

If We Smarten Up, 16′ Larisa Faber, Romania, Best Director

Roadkill, 8′ Leszek Mozga, United Kingdom, Best Student Film

**Break: 19.00 – 19.20

Short Film Programme 2: 19.20 – 21.00

▹The Dark Night of the Soul, 3′ Marnik Loysen, United Kingdom, Best Music Video

▹What Did You Say?, 8′ ◆ Jakub Volák, Czech Republic, Best Czech Doc

▹Backwards, 16′ Dana Gelman, Israel, Best Student Documentary

▹Bad River, 10′ AJ Reid, United States, Best Short Documentary

▹Hot Chocolate, 4′ Sacha Vucinic, France, Best Music Video

▹Wings of the Spirit, 29′ Albert Meisl, Austria, Best Comedy

**Break: 21.00 – 21.20

Short Film Programme 3: 21.20 – 22.50

▹Nesting, 20′ Siiri Halko, Finland, Best Editor

▹Unnecessary Things, 14′ Dmytro Lisenbart, Ukraine, Best Animated Film

▹Dear Tree Please don’t Spill on Our Grave, 15′ Jonne Covers, Sweden, Best Experimental

▹Swamp, 20′ Klementas Leonas, Lithuania, Best Director

▹Hit and Run, 4′ Hannah Brewerton, United Kingdom, Best Student Film

▹Fairyocious, 13′ Fabien Ara, France, Best Drama

DAY 2:

Short Film Programme 4:  17.30 – 19.00

▹The Warziniek File, 19′ Pierre J. Secondi, France, Best Short Film 

▹Shooom’s Odyssey, 26′ Julien Bisaro, France, Best Animated Film

▹Mother’s Wrath, 16′ Tuuli Sirkeinen, Finland, Best Student Film

▹Yearling, 13′ Melanie Akoka, France, Best Short Film

▹Herr Herrmann Mann, 4′ Lars Smekal, Germany, Best Comedy

**Break: 19.00 – 19.20

Short Film Programme 5:  19.20 – 21.00

▹The Delay, 15′ Mattia Napoli, Italy, Best Short Film 

▹The Best Grandfather in the World, 6′ Nina Bisyarina, Russia, Best Animated Film

▹Random Patrol, 30′ Yohan Guignard, France, Best Short Documentary

▹Anxiety, 4′ Jeremy Le, Maximilian Cao, Australia, Best Student Film

▹Little Yellow Flower, 30′ Chien-Ping Lin, Taiwan, Best Short Film

▹Echo, 11′ Sergio Kotsovoulos, Greece, Best Animated Film

**Break: 21.00 – 21.20

Short Film Programme 6:  21.20 – 22.50

▹A Broken Fan (Before the big collapse), 12′ Assaad Khoueiry, Lebanon, Best Short Film 

▹How to Tell Gunshots from Fireworks, 17′ Philipp Groth, United Kingdom, Best Student Documentary

▹A Howling Dog, 21′ Stijn van Gorkum, Netherlands, Best Student Film

▹Death at the bus stop, 6′ Maja Kjellstad Aanonsen, Norway, Best Student Film

▹Salvador Dali, 19′ Eldiar Madakim, Kyrgyzstan, Best Short Film

Award Ceremony and Networking Event: 22.50 – 23.20

About the Prague Film Awards 

The Prague Film Awards festival was established in 2018 by HF Productions, an international company running 24 film festivals in 13 countries. Over the years, the Festival has featured more than 80 artists from all continents. Due to the cancellation of the two previous editions due to covid-restrictions, the Prague Film Awards 2023 comes with a Special Edition.

HF Productions is a pioneer international organization. We champion voices of vast perspectives around the globe and we organize Film Festivals and events. We open the path to voices who have a compelling story to share. Our global series of Film Festivals spreads across 13 countries.

Our mission:

“To steer independent cinema with fresh artistic takes in the foreground and collaborative moments. To celebrate culturally diverse films in geographically inspiring locations.

To cultivate a well-balanced global film community.”


Kino Aero

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Tel: ++420 271 771 349

Starting time: 17.30 

Entrance Fee:  150 CZK

Films are in English or with English subtitles


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